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This tutoring sit is scam.They took my two assignments with agreed charge and due date.

Before due date, they sent me one solution which included wrong equation and wrong answer. How did they can use wrong equation even use wrong equation, the answer supposed to be right, but it was wrong answers, too. I could not even see what they wrote, but I can see which equation they use because I can not see each one of number and word. It was really blurrly so some of them I can see barely, some of them I can not see them.

I asked for clear note, but they never did. I could laugh because they have copied some website program then sent me.

I tried to contact them, but they did not answer and they sent me black mails.they still do not give me my money back and the paypal is reviewing this charges

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The person, who wrote this review, dont know himself,what he is saying.I contact for help and refer them to this review.

They just speak that if you trust, you can pay and get help or you can pay half in advance and half after getting partial solutions.

I am satisfied with services and quality of work.Five Stars from me :) *****


this is fake review from cheaters.



There are some anti elements in the educational business, who could not get faith and trust of students.Some of the companies, who are working in the same domain (Even they are not registered anywhere) and cheating the students.

Here they are giving scam (Fake) reviews about other competitors.

I read same review about transtutors .

Here company is changed but rest of the things is same.This is spam.


This review is the same as I read about transtutors. Here company name is changed. I am this is dirty game of competitors, who can not earn trust of


Hi all, this review is scam only because I read same review from same user for another tutoring sites.

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